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Professional Biography
Glenn A. Hayman, LHg is a licensed geologist and hydrogeologist with over 30 years of professional experience. He provides expertise in the fate and transport of contaminants in the environment, site characterization and remedial actions for hazardous waste sites, strategic planning and regulatory compliance and negotiations. He has worked extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest on a wide variety of contaminated sites with numerous organic and inorganic compounds of concern. Much of his work was as the client’s representative under the direct oversight of the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is the basis for his insights into environmental negotiations and compliance.  

Groundwater Monitoring Optimization  Mr. Hayman has provided groundwater monitoring services at numerous sites using a wide variety of sample collection methods and techniques for a wide range of compounds of concern.  He has been very successful at reducing the amount and frequency of groundwater monitoring conducted by applying quantitative and qualitative analytical methods. The primary objective of optimizing monitoring programs is to minimize monitoring costs without compromising program quality or effectiveness. Typically monitoring costs are reduced by 30% in the first year, with additional savings realized in subsequent years. The cost of the optimization analysis is generally less than the annual cost savings making, the return on investment (ROI) less than one year. In addition, significant sampling efficiencies can be realized through the use of passive diffusion bag (PDB) samplers which reduce sample collection labor costs by 50%.

Remedial System Evaluation  Mr. Hayman conducts remedial system evaluations to identify opportunities to reduce operating costs and to identify safety concerns. One of these evaluations suggested the installation of an off-gas heater prior to vapor phase carbon. The carbon life was increased from a month to a year. The client realized an ROI of 9 months. Another evaluation recommended replacing an oversize pump with a properly sized variable speed pump. Electrical usage was reduced by 50% and resulted in an inquiry from the power company to verify the site was operating properly. Evaluations have also determined when active remediation was no longer cost effective and that monitored natural attenuation (NA) should be implemented. When necessary, NA was enhanced with the addition of nutrients.

Negotiation of and Compliance with Regulatory Orders  Mr. Hayman has negotiated Agreed Orders, Administrative Orders on Consent, and a Consent Decree with Ecology and EPA.  He has fulfilled the requirements of and closed out six (6) of these orders.  A key component of negotiating a successful order is establishing well defined tasks with clearly stated objectives and end points. This allows for the completion of the order to be readily identified and documented.  

Independent Technical Review Mr. Hayman provides independent technical review of documents for completeness, accuracy, quality, and clarity to ensure the client’s messages are supported and clearly communicated.

Strategic Planning  Mr. Hayman’s extensive and broad experience provides the basis for his ability to assist his clients in planning their environmental strategy for the future. This strategy allows for the proper planning and budgeting of expenses and for establishing reserves when needed.  

Prior to forming Hayman Environmental, Mr. Hayman served as the Senior Hydrogeologist in the Pacific Business Unit of EA Engineering, Science, and Technology (EA). During his tenure at EA he was responsible for all aspects the Seattle business operations including mentoring staff, business development and senior technical review.  

Mr. Hayman joined the environmental industry in 1989 after working for ARCO Oil and Gas in their reservoir engineering research group.  At ARCO Mr. Hayman was responsible for conducting detailed studies of the flow of oil, gas and water through reservoir rock core samples, documenting changes in fluid flow due to the injection of stimulation fluids, such as fracturing fluid and acid treatment solutions, and using the results of his testing to develop field methods to increase oil and gas production.

Mr Hayman received his Master of Science degree in Geology from Oregon State University. He is a licensed Geologist and Hydrogeologist in Washington and a Certified Professional Geologist in Oregon.

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